Marketing Cloud Developer Blogs

Marketing Cloud Developer Blogs


In this episode, I review community blogs for Salesforce Marketing Cloud developers.


Hello and welcome back to mcChat. In this episode, I wanted to share my favourite Marketing Cloud blogs.

First up (and in no particular order) I’d like to review Ivan Razine’s blog, (or “x y zee” for my US audience). This blog focuses on Marketing Cloud scripting languages, both AMPscript and SSJS, for creating programmable content. Ivan has a clear authoring style, making his posts very readable and he includes helpful procedural steps, along with supporting code examples for implementing common development patterns and use cases.

Greg Gifford, a Salesforce MVP who is better known under his StackExchange alias “gortonington” regularly posts to his blog, Greg mainly focuses on advanced development use cases that leverages the Marketing Cloud API and also sophisticated SQL queries. Greg is a big advocate of WSProxy, and you can see many practical examples of WSProxy implementations in his posts.

Adam Spriggs, also a Salesforce MVP, is a self-confessed “AMPscript Nerd” and most AMPscript related answers on StackExchange are attributed to him. Adam is also co-author of The AMPscript Guide. In his blog, Adam gets straight into the details providing concise explanations for common development use cases and supporting code examples.

Finally, Zuzanna Jarczynska, a prolific “question-answerer” on StackExchange who has retained the position of top ‘Marketing Cloud answerers’ in recent months, manages to find the time to frequently post to her blog, In it, Zuzanna explains common development scenarios that are primarily orientated to developers who are starting their Marketing Cloud journey. Learning Marketing Cloud development can seem intimidating, but Zuzanna’s descriptive approach makes her posts easy-to-follow.

I hope you find these resources as helpful as I do. Thanks for watching and visit for more tips in working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. See you next time!


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