The AMPscript Guide

    Create highly sophisticated content in Salesforce Marketing Cloud with the authoritative scripting reference manual by Eliot Harper and Adam Spriggs

    The AMPscript Course

    Watch the comprehensive Pluralsight course on ‘Creating Sophisticated Content Personalization Using AMPscript in Salesforce Marketing Cloud’ by Eliot Harper

    Other Videos

    Marketing Cloud Minutes

    A series of one-minute videos that share insightful tips and techniques to help you the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Topics include development, data, email and security. New episodes are published monthly.

    Mastering Einstein for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    This four-part series covers all Einstein features in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Learn how to use these powerful artificial intelligence (AI) features to understand your customers’ engagement and behavior and personalize every interaction.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Tutorials & Webinars

    A series of tutorials and webinars for developers, architects and administrators working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Topics include best practices for managing data and secure development methodologies. New videos are published regularly.

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud Best Practice Series

    In this video series, I share development tips and best practices for building content across email, web and mobile channels in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. These videos are recommended for Marketing Cloud developers with an intermediate to advanced level of platform experience.

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